2 Students Face Charges for Chicken Prank

Remember the two students from Pottsgrove High School in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania that caused panic in their school with a chicken prank? Police cited them for disorderly conduct.

In Pennsylvania, disorderly conduct is a summary offense, the most minor type of criminal offense. But because both students are 18, it could stay on their criminal records for five years.

Last May 23, Sara Sabri Amer and Emmalyn Huber came to school dressed in black clothing and carrying a live chicken, according to police. They released the chicken in the hallways, which disrupted daily school activities.

School officials didn’t view the prank as harmless as the chicken chaos caused lockdowns in two classrooms. According to reports, the problem is that Amer and Huber came to school wearing masks and hoods.

Both students apologized. Huber told the news station she regretted it and was embarrassed. Amer said it was “stupid.”

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