3 Men Arrested Over Cockfighting in Texas

Authorities arrested three men and seized more than a hundred chickens in a property hosting a cockfighting event in Fort Worth, Texas.

Melecio Diaz, 33, and Jorge Orozco-Carmona, 25, face state felony cockfighting charges while Andres Hernandez, 65, faces a misdemeanour cockfighting charge.

Orozco-Carmona reportedly told the authorities that he allowed people to have the cockfight on his property because they had nowhere else to fight. He charged $20 as entry fee and organizers of the fight also gave him a percentage of the earnings.

Cockfighting is illegal in the United States.

There were 95 roosters, 17 hens and 18 chicks found in the property. According to Diane Covey of the Fort Worth Animal Shelter, they humanely euthanized 90 roosters who were all in some state of suffering.

“Some of the roosters were still wearing gaffs. They were bleeding from wounds, and/or near death,” said Covey.

Another 17 birds were found dead in the property.


  1. Brondo mosekey says:

    Go focus on crime rape robbery kidnapping of children child abuse mirder dont worry about the fighting cock he has been doing it 4 3000years and will never stop till Jesus returns !!!

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