3 Points to Ponder in Poultry Industry

Delair Bolis, Head of the Global Poultry Unit with MSD Animal Health, shared his insights on the three key drivers in poultry industry for 2017.

First is how the poultry industry will react to the ongoing global outbreaks of avian influenza.

“In the last 60 days, we have had 33 or 34 countries that already confirmed outbreaks,” Bolis said. “We as a company are here once again to provide the best solutions that we can, not only product-oriented but also strategically through our Step Up to Solutions program, offering consultants to address customers’ unmet needs specifically regarding the outbreaks that the industry is facing.”

Second is the growing production of antibiotic-free poultry.

“In order to help our customers with ABF production, we’re launching a new coccidiosis vaccine, Coccivac-B52,” he said. “We’ve launched it in the US and now are expanding to countries in Latin America and Asian Pacific.”

Thirds is innovation.

Bolis said that innovation has always been part of the foundation of the poultry industry. To address the need for innovation, MSD will launch two new Innovax franchise vaccines in 2017.

“We’ll be there for the poultry industry supporting all the needs, but even more important, we’ll be addressing the unmet needs,” said Bolis. “Our main goal is helping the poultry industry become more profitable and gain market access.”

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