About Us


Philippine Sabong Sports Corporation (PSSC) is specialized in international world of Sports broadcasting and live video streaming since 2014. We operate in a world where everything is “Live” and “Real-time”.

PSSC core values are being Focus, Reliable, Passion and Strong work ethics.



  1. To promote the sports as a source of livelihood to millions of Filipinos as part of the country’s traditions.
  2. To include international individuals who share the same interest.


  1. We are dedicated and committed to provide highest degree of integrity to our customers and viewers.
  2. We strive to be the market leader in Live cockfighting and Philippines passionate past time to the world by providing quality, licensed and reliable Live Feed.


We line our goals based on our mission and vision.

  • Cover all events and promotions in Philippines as a content to cockfighting enthusiast around the world.
  • Provide real time news and reliable articles for both local and international viewers
  • Showcase Philippines Sabong as a proof that the our ecology and system is self sustaining to the world.
  • We want to do more to promote Cockfighting Internationally


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