Advocates Save Creek from Poultry Industry

A group of advocates banded together to prevent a water resource near Oaks in Oklahoma from falling victim to the poultry industry.

Tran Tran, LLC, was constructing six chicken houses for a poultry operation right next to Spring Creek, which is known for its cold water and was designated as a high water-quality creek by the Oklahoma Water Resources Board. According to advocates, the operation would service Simmons Foods.

Locals and landowners regularly visit the swimming holes in Spring Creek. So it didn’t take long to find people looking to protect it.

The potential impact the poultry operation would have on the creek and land surrounding it raised a number of concerns.

Advocates reached out to OWRB, the Grand River Dam Authority, Blue Thumb and State Rep. Will Fourkiller. Complaints were lodged with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, and letters were sent to the owners of Tran Tran to voice frustration with the operation. The Oklahoma Society of Historical Preservation sent Tran Tran a letter asking permission to complete an archeological assessment. They even discussed filing a lawsuit.

Construction stopped and the owners of Tran Tran offered to sell the property to SCG members, or eventually put it on the open market.

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