Bataan Bans Cockfighting for 2 Weeks

Bataan Governor Albert Garcia temporarily banned cockfighting in his province following reports of bird flu outbreak in Pampanga poultry farms.

The ban started on August 18 and would last for two weeks.

All activities related to poultry in Bataan are actually put on hold through Memorandum Circular No, 01-2017 as a preventive measure. The highly pathogenic disease killed around 37,000 birds in San Luis, Pampanga and caused the culling of 200,000 more.

There were also reports that the virus also infected quail farms in Nueva Ecija. Both Pampanga and Nueva Ecija are in Central Luzon, the same region as Bataan’s.

Cockfighting is a popular sport in Philippine provinces with derbies and other forms of cockfights in different venues every day. With game fowls coming from various parts of the country, it makes sense to temporarily ban the sport in a province near the affected area.

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