Bird Flu Adds to Dutch Poultry Woes

Dutch poultry industry took another hit with an outbreak of bird flu that would lead to the culling of thousands of hens.

“An outbreak of a variant of H5 bird flu has been detected in a poultry farm in Zeeland province,” Economic Affairs Minister Henk Kamp said.

Around 42,000 egg-laying hens in the southern Netherlands farm will have to be culled to stop the disease from spreading in accordance with European regulations.

The ministry also ordered an immediate ban on the transportation of poultry, eggs, meat and manure within a 1km zone around the farm located in the village of Sint Philipsland.

Since August, the Dutch poultry industry has been at the center of a tainted egg scandal that spread across several European countries and even as far as Hong Kong.

Millions of eggs were dumped and some 3.2 million chickens were killed after the banned insecticide fipronil was found to have been used in poultry farms to combat lice, but had made its way into eggs.

Some 267 Dutch poultry farms are still closed, awaiting the all-clear from health officials to resume production.

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