Bird Flu Affects Poultry Feed Supply in France

Due to the widespread bird flu infection in France, the animal feed industry will reduce around 330,000 tons of animal feed for 2017.
Number of chickens were culled as a precautionary measure to stop the spreading of bird flu virus.
France produced 755 million chickens in 2016 and is estimated to drop by 13.4 million chickens for 2017.
Animal feed for chickens is also estimated to drop to 80,000 tons.
Meanwhile, about ten million ducks were culled and died due to the virus, which resulted to empty farms until May comes.
This would lead to a drop in demand for animal feed of between 240,000 and 250,000 tonnes, including maize (corn) – the main component of duck feed – and compound feedstuff, SNIA economist Bruno Toussaint.
France is one of the most severely affected by the H5N8 bird flu since reported last year.

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