Bird Flu Hits Another Farm Linked to Tyson

Another commercial poultry farm in Tennessee contracted with Tyson Foods Inc. was discovered to be infected with bird flu.

Around 55,000 chickens were affected and will be culled as a measure to contain the virus, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The infected farm is just two miles away from the location of the first reported case that left 73,500 dead.

“Given the close proximity of the two premises, this is not unexpected,” said Charles Hatcher, Tennessee state veterinarian. “We will continue to execute our plan, working quickly to prevent the virus from spreading further.”

Tyson Foods Inc. is the largest chicken company in the United States.

“All flocks located within a six-mile radius of the original farm will be tested and will not be transported unless they test negative for the virus. We don’t expect disruptions to our chicken business and plan to meet our customers’ needs,” the company said in a released statement.

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