Bird Flu Outbreak Hits Austrian Turkeys

An Austrian farm reported an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza following detections of the disease in wild birds across Europe.


The H5N8 strain of the virus was found in a free-range turkey operation near Lake Constance in Vorarlberg.

Last week, 10 dead migratory waterfowls with the disease were discovered there and three dead birds were also reported on the Swiss side of the lake. Germany also has a border on Lake Constance and dead wild birds have been found there, too.

The news released by the Austrian government did not reveal how many birds were affected.

Authorities immediately quarantined the company, depopulated and disposed of the birds, and then disinfected and cleaned the affected area. They also created a 3 km protected zone and 10 km monitoring zone around the location.

Poultry farms in the protected zone were told to keep all birds indoors and improve biosecurity measures. The disease was also detected on a Hungarian turkey farm last week.

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