Belgian bantams standardized in Britain are Barbu d’Anvers (Bearded Antwerp, clean legs), Barbu d’ Uccle (Bearded Uccle, feathered legs), Barbu de Watermael (Bearded Watermael, clean legs), Barbu d’ Everberg (Rumpless d’ Uccle) and Barbu de Grubbe (Rumpless d’Anvers).
The Barbu d’Everberg is a Rumpless Barbu d’Uccle and the Barbu du Grubbe is a Rumpless Barbu d’Anvers. They follow the standard of the d’Uccle and the d’Anvers however they do not have a tail. The tail feathers should be covered with saddle feathers as the lower back. Barbu d’Uccle has feathered legs and has a single comb and the d’Anvers has clean legs and a rose comb.
The colour varieties available in Belgian Bantams are very different to other breeds with exotic names such as Porcelain, Millefleur and Quail. There are many different colour varieties available.