chickens were originally imported into the UK from Cochin-China, a French Colony that is present day Vietnam around 1843. They are in fact unrelated to the birds we know as Cochins today and all they left was their name. They were large birds with feathered feet. In 1847, some large feather legged birds were imported from Shanghai. Poultry keepers were used to calling these large feathered legged birds from Asia Cochins or China-Cochins and this was how they became named, even though they were technically unrelated to the original Cochins that were imported. The ‘new’ imported Cochins were very similar to what we have today but there was less foot feathering and their colours were not stable but on arriving in the UK, the Buff Cochin was soon stabilized, shortly followed by Partridge. The Cochin Bantam came from a different place (Peking) in China and was really quite different to their larger counterparts. In the UK was renamed to the Pekin Bantam after much debate over many years. Around the rest of the World, Cochin Bantams are very similar in appearance to the British ‘Pekin Bantams‘.

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