Dutch Bantams were developed in Holland during the 1880’s after birds were imported from the Dutch East Indies on ships that carried them to supply meat and eggs whilst at sea. Stories say that the local peasants were required to give any large hens eggs that they had to their land owner so they took a liking to these birds since they laid such small eggs that they could keep for themselves.

Dutch Bantams are true bantams (they do not have a large fowl counterpart) and are one of the smallest bantams. The first imports into the UK were not until the early 1970’s and soon became very popular in the UK. It was Easter 1982, that the Dutch Bantam Club was formed, taking over from the Rare Poultry Society, at a meeting at Malpas and Whitchurch Poultry Show. At the time, this was the largest one day show in the country. The secretary of the Rare Poultry Society at the time was Richard Billson.