lemon guapo

Mayor Aguirre’s Lemon stock was decimated by avtian flu and very few survivors remained, including a lemon brood cock and a baby stag affected by a weak and wobbly neck as result of the nasty plague that hit the brood.

Mayor Juancho also gave the wobbly-necked Hinigaran Lemon baby stag to another cocker friend who peddled chickens. After a year, the mayor asked his friend what happened to the wobbly-necked stag he lent out. To his surprise, the afflicted bird was not only alive and kicking but it grew up into a very beautiful specimen of Lemon cock.

Mayor Juancho’s interest in gamefowl got a new inspiration in the beautiful pumpkin feathered Lemon, so he decided to breed more of the Guapo. The Lemon Guapo was mated to some Cecil hens and some Hatch hens. The man kept breeding the best pullets back to the former wobbly-necked Guapo, and at the same time employed some brother-to-sister matings, until he was able to set the fighting line that is now known as the Lemon Guapo.