Originated in Southeast Asia, is the tallest of the chicken breeds, towering over 3 feet (91 cm) in height with a very long neck and giant legs. Although its posture is upright and quite straight, when viewed in profile the Malay shows three distinctive, downward curves at the top line of the neck, the back, and the tail (which is carried below the horizontal).

The breed is also known for its “beetle brow“, a projection of the skull over the eyes that gives it an ornery appearance, here are normally few or no feathers on the face, throat, and breast; the skin here is rough. Other feathers are hard and short, lying close to the body.

The thai game fowl comes in many colors ranging from solid white to gray, to black, and even brown. However, the stereotypical thai game fowl has black feathers with a metallic green sheen and blood-red back feathers and neck hackles.

In spite of its angry facade, the Malay tends to be mellower than other games. Slow to mature, the breed is active and doesn’t do well in close confinement. Although hens can go broody and are good mothers, they lay eggs infrequently.