Mr. William McRae bred his Blacks using a three-way cross of Jack Wactor’s Sheldon Black Roundhead, Kent Mug (black mugwump) and 1/8 Blueface Hatch. McRae Blacks were highly prized in Hawaii. The McRae Blacks have very good station, are mulberry faced with dark red eyes and ebony legs too.

The McRaes are heavy on the Black Roundhead bloodline. William McRae was one of the first long-knife men to ship from the States to the Philipines around the time of the Korean war to my knowledge. William was a legend for delivering a rooster that excelled at the long knife, and McRaes dominated the 60s, 70s and early 80s.

The Black McRae is a very smart fighter which plays by counterpunching rather than initiating contact.  The McRae waits to catch a cock commit to a charge and as he sees his opponent coming in, he unleashes a very powerful single stroke hit to connect before the other rooster can recover from overextending.