pumpkin husley

The hens were Claret/Barnett Wonders and the original cock was a Holmes “Aviator” Roundhead, thus making them 1/2 Roundhead and 1/4 Claret and 1/4 Barnett Wonder. Many people confuse Bingham with Bigham. Sam Bigham’s were the ones that showed the Pumpkins and were well known as superior cocks in this area of Texas.

The “Babb” cock was what put the pumpkin into the E.H. Hulsey fowl, they were light reds before that time. The Generals were a offshoot of the original Hulsey/Wortham fowl. They were also light lemon hackled reds.

They didn’t breed the Charlie Babb cock to give them strength, they already were a famous strain fought by Henry Wortham for Hulsey.