Chicken Rescued from Spill Dies in Hospital

The lone survivor of a truck spill that killed thousands of chickens has died despite efforts to save its life.

Two animal rights activists rescued the chicken they named June from the side of Del. 896 south of Summit Bridge and took the chicken to Mount Laurel Animal Hospital in New Jersey where it died.

They raised $1,325 toward June’s treatment through a GoFundMe page. Treatment cost is expected to exceed $2,000.

Veterinarians found that a broken chest bone prevented June from breathing and an infection had spread throughout the chicken’s bloodstream.

“They had to take many life-saving measures,” said Mary Kate Fain, a co-founder of the animal rights group Liberation Philadelphia, who saved June. “Even with all the money in the world, June couldn’t be saved.”

Liberation Philadelphia held a vigil Friday night (June 8) at Perdue Farms in Milford for June and the other dead chickens.

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