Chicken Strip from Lab Introduced to Public

A food technology start-up in San Francisco, California became the first to successfully produce a lab-grown meat.

Memphis Meats invited a few people to taste-test the chicken strip from self-reproducing cells in a lab. Duck meat was also created in the lab and was also used in the taste-test.

Both the chicken strip and the duck meat tasted like the real thing according to reports.

The products could potentially replace the billions of cattle, hogs and chickens that are normally consumed for food. The company hopes to sell the lab-grown meat starting 2021.

About 61 billion chickens are raised for meat annually. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization has projected that chicken will surpass pork as the world’s most consumed meat by 2020.

Naturally, animal rights activists like the idea behind the lab-grown meat.

The group called People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has funded early research for the lab-grown meat.

Mosa Meats in the Netherlands, another food technology start-up, is also experimenting with lab-grown meats.

Giant meat companies also took notice.

Tyson Foods, the largest US meat company in terms of sales, launched a venture-capital fund in December that says it could invest in meat grown cell-by-cell.

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