Cockfighting Returns in Thanjavur After 2-Year Hiatus

Cockfighting may be losing grounds in some Indian courts, but the sport is certainly not losing its appeal to the people.

It was proven once again just a week ago in Thanjavur, a city in Southern India known for architecture and art.

After a two-year hiatus, a cockfighting event happened in the place. It was attended by huge number of participants and the patrons come from different walks of life.

Vehicles filled the parking space outside the venue, from two-wheelers to trucks. There were even some official cars spotted in the area, indicating the magnitude of response to this sporting tradition.

The game fowls were not fitted with blades or knives and the organizers examined the health of the birds before allowing them to fight. They checked whether the birds were drugged or handicapped. There were also 12 veterinary doctors who looked at the claws of the birds, blunting sharp nails.

Around 1,500 game fowls joined the two-day competition. Each fight has a maximum of 20 minutes.

Some competitors are regulars in the event, including Jayakumar and Priyadarshan. They brought two birds for the competition.

“We have participated in cock fights held in Pattukottai, Pudukottai and here in Thanjavur for more than eight years except for the two-year gap,” they said.

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