Conditioning Game Fowls (Part I)

Cockfighting is a sport and game fowls are athletes. They need to be in proper condition to have better chances of winning.

In the next two days we will share a Facebook post about game fowl conditioning. This is just a guide so you can make your own conditioning routine as you see fit.

Scratching – There are different materials used as scratch for light and heavy work outs. Banana leaves can be used for light scratching and corn husks for heavy scratching. Make sure that your game fowls are hungry during scratching at the scratch box so you will get better results.

Light and Sound (Noise) – Make the game fowls familiar with the lights by doing walking routine around the spar pit (rueda) and playing loud sounds on the radio to make them familiar with the noise during fight day or derby day.

Tailing (Kahig) and Breaking (Salida) – Warm up your game fowls by tailing (kahig) and walking so that they will develop natural strength and improve their stamina by breaking (salida). Hold the tail of game fowls and make them fly and hit each other by breaking on the air and down the ground. This helps develop their reflexes and good fighting skills.

To be continued…


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