Culling Resumes as Farmers Stop Protest


The culling of chickens resumed in the regions affected by bird flu in Nepal as farmers discontinued their protest.

A team from Kathmandu and District Livestock Office was deployed to Khairahni Municipality-9 after bird flu was detected in two poultry farms there.

Some 2,500 hens were killed by the virus in the two farms while 4,500 hens were culled by the authorities.

Farm owners initially cried foul over the apparent bias in setting the perimeter of contamination zone. They also accused the team of leaving out the bigger farms and focusing only on the small players.

According to Raghu Nath Bhatta, vice chairman of Nepal Egg Producers Association, the aggrieved farmers claimed that the team stretched the perimeter to three kilometres on one side and only 200 meters on the other side.

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