Easter Egg Hunts Pose Threat to Asthmatics

Easter egg hunt is popular in countries like the United Kingdom. But asthmatics were advised to think twice before taking part in such activity this weekend to avoid attacks triggered by pollen.

Around 4.3 million sufferers are at particular risk because they are ignorant of the dangers of tree pollen. Experts say that symptoms such as itchy eyes and a blocked nose can quickly lead to asthma.

The campaign by Asthma UK also cautioned asthmatics to be careful eating Easter eggs as these can also trigger attacks. According to estimates, around 700 people a year are taken to hospital over the weekend holiday because they are both asthmatic and allergic to substances such as wheat, eggs, nuts or dairy products.

“Lots of people love getting involved in traditional Easter activities, chomping on chocolate eggs and racing around their garden or local park on an Easter egg hunt, but Easter could be deadly for some people with asthma,” said Dr. Andy Whittamore, Clinical Lead at Asthma UK.

“Many people may not realize that trees begin releasing their pollen as early as January, so they may be caught out with hay fever symptoms over the Easter weekend.”

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