Eustis Chicken Ban Stays Despite Protests

Pro-chicken residents of Eustis, a city in Lake County, Florida, are protesting the City Commission’s ruling against keeping chickens as pets.

They attended the Eustis Commission meeting and even brought a live chicken there, but the commissioners were not moved. Also, Mayor Bob Morin does not intend to reverse the decision.

As it stands now, the only way to legally raise chickens in the city is to get an $800 agriculture license.

“These guys (chickens), they’re not the monster everybody’s thinking. They’re clean, they’re friendly and, yes, they are pets,” said Florida Urban Agriculture’s Judson Giddens, who brought his show chicken named Millie.

Christine Cruz, who created a Facebook group called the Eustis Chicken Club to encourage discussions about the issue, stressed that she is particularly concerned about property rights being violated by the ruling.

“I do not want chickens. Let me be very, very clear about that. I do not want loose chickens in the city. I do not want roosters in the city. I think that’s bad for the city. I think that part of the ordinance needs to stay… but please re-examine going into people’s back yards based solely on a phone call by a neighbor.” Cruz said.

Anthony Sabatini, the only commissioner in favor of chickens, thinks that his fellow commissioners did not appreciate a live chicken being brought into the meeting.

“It’s not the right time for that,” he said.

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