FSA Finds 2 Sisters Guilty of Poor Hygiene at Poultry Plants

The 2 Sisters Food Group was guilty of regulatory failures and poor hygiene at its poultry plants, according to a report by the Food Standards Agency.

FSA inspected the sites operated by 2 Sisters, one of the UK’s largest chicken suppliers, following an undercover investigation by the Guardian and ITV at the firm’s West Bromwich plant last year.

The food safety scandal raised questions over the firm’s food standards and prompted it to suspend production at the said plant for five weeks. Ranjit Singh Boparan, the founder of the group, stepped down as chief executive of the firm after 25 years following the scandal.

FSA has reviewed CCTV footage at the poultry plants between July 2 and August 18 last year to gather evidence.

“This provided evidence of sporadic poor hygiene and bad practice, such as inadequate use of protective clothing, placing of knives on unhygienic surfaces or inadequate cleaning procedures but did not represent widespread systematic failures,” the FSA concluded.

“On some sites the tests for salmonella were completed using poultry cuts, instead of neck skins, which breached the legislative requirements.”

But according to FSA, it was satisfied that the company had resolved the issues identified through “corrective actions.” 2 Sisters has also agreed to install upgraded CCTV systems in all its processing plants, to improve staff training, introduce a mystery worker program and improve the group’s corporate culture.

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