Fundraiser Set Up to Cure Chick

Baby Huey has a backward foot and there is a campaign to help pay for the surgery he needs to correct the deformity.

But unlike most fundraisers, this one is for a baby chicken.

“(When he hatched) he couldn’t stand. I tried a splint, a brace, a kind of wheelchair, but nothing helped him,” said Nikki Rush.

The veterinarians from Gulf Coast Veterinary examined Baby Huey and recommended surgery. But Rush, an Air Force veteran, is a disabled person herself and could not afford to finance the operation.

Rush asked the help of an animal sanctuary nearby and the rest was history.

“She said she was willing to set up a GoFundMe to take care of the surgery, and one thing led to another,” said Rowdy Girl Animal Sanctuary founder Renee King-Sonnen.

The campaign has raised $2,995 as of February 14, just short of the $3,500 goal. Dr. Brian Beale from the Gulf Coast Veterinary will perform the surgery.

“I fully expect him to be able to walk,” Dr. Beale said. “We may do a little bit of physical therapy to get him to walk again.”

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