Game Fowl Breeders Sue Neighbors

A civil lawsuit was recently filed by Atty. Ted Hong in Hilo Circuit Court on behalf of Erwin and Stacy Kagimoto, who breed and sell game fowls in Hilo, Hawaii.

The suit is seeking a $196,489 payment for damages committed on June 23 and 25, 2016, plus compensatory, interest, and attorney’s fees. The defendants are James and Carol Aiona, whom the suit claims live near the Kagimoto couple’s Waiakea Uka farm.

Hong made it clear that his clients are just breeding and selling game fowls. Cockfighting is illegal in Hawaii, but breeding and selling game fowls are allowed under existing laws.

According to the complaint, a gray pit bull and a black dog killed 23 roosters and three hens inside the couple’s breeding stock. It also states that Stacy witnessed the two incidents and Erwin contacted police.

The complaint claims that the Aionas have admitted that they own the dogs and promised to pay the Kagimotos over time.

However, the Aionas haven’t followed up with any compensation, which forced the Kagimotos to file a lawsuit.

The suit valued the roosters at $9,775 and hens at $4,380. The estimated loss of the hens over a five-year period is $140,250 and the projected revenue loss for the next three years to raise breeder hens to productivity is $14,038.

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  1. Alfred owen says:

    They should win every penny of the money

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