Game Fowl Expos From Scratch to Success


It is not as what you see it today. Game fowl expos started from scratch before it went boom.

Going back to the past, game fowl expos are just simple events of product demos with few attendees. But each year, it continue to become more popular with thousands of newbies now joining the expos.

As organizers become bigger annually, so are the expos. Some started as simple poultry expos, showcasing different products for breeding, hatching, and raising chickens either for meat or egg production.

But as it grows, games, raffles, and even cockfights are also held during the expos. Different game fowl breeds are also displayed by widely-known game fowl farms. Talks from the experts are also attended by cockfight enthusiasts who want to learn more about the methods they could use in raising their next champion.

The rush of interested enthusiasts has brought these game fowl expos to different parts of the country. Before, Manila is the only place where these expos are being held, but as cockfight enthusiasts all over the country continues to multiply, more game fowl expos are being organized in every province.

The growth of game fowl expos is the product of the increased enthusiasm of Filipinos to cockfighting. It also shows that the culture of the sport is very much alive in the country. Participants and organizers see this as an opportunity to showcase their best breeds, conditioning products, and unique training methods.

Bonus to that how cockfight enthusiasts could make friends with other people of their hobbies.

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