Georgia Moves to Protect Poultry from Bird Flu

The State of Georgia in the United States, widely regarded as the poultry capital of the world, intensified its efforts to keep its flocks free from the bird flu by suspending all poultry exhibitions, festivals and auctions.

This is in response to the recent confirmations of bird flu in Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky. The suspension prohibits the concentration, collection, or assembly of poultry and poultry products of all types from one or more premises for purposes of sale, exhibition, show, swap or meet.

Importation and exportation of any poultry products are not included in the suspension, provided they meet Georgia requirements. The suspension also does not affect private sales of poultry products.

“Agriculture is big business in our state and poultry is our number one industry,” Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black said in a prepared statement. “It is imperative that we take every precaution necessary to prevent this economically devastating virus from entering our borders.”

Poultry produces more than 100,000 jobs in Georgia and contributes $25.9 billion to its economy.

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