Health is Wealth in Cockfighting

Health is wealth when it comes to cockfighting so you have to make sure that your cocks are healthy.

Don’t make your brood yard a hospital ward for sick chickens.

For some veteran breeders, the healthy regimen starts with the eggs. They discard small eggs, saying that they produce cocks for battle and not for food.

One blogger shared a story on how his uncle made him realize the importance of health in cockfighting business.

Let’s start with the “medicines” used by his uncle to treat sick fowls.

“If the flock of sick fowls is large, say more than ten, I use itakcillin, a bolo to cut the neck of all the chickens – at the first sign of any respiratory disease. And the other one is kutsilyomycin, if less than ten,” his uncle said.

Itakcillin, of course, is itak or bolo while kutsilyomycin is kutsilyo or knife.

“You mean, you cut even your ganador or prized fighter at the first sign of a respiratory disease,” the blogger asked.

His uncle did not answer and instead signaled him to take a cock from a nearby tepee, a yellow-legged Hatch type, and he proceeded to a nearby coop and took a grey.

The blogger noticed the grey was showing early signs of respiratory disease.

“We will spar these two cocks and watch them carefully,” his uncle said.

The blogger remembered the grey, a one-time winner in the hack. It disposed the opponent in seconds while showing blinding speed and throwing his legs upfront without hesitation.

But this time, the grey hesitated in the first buckle. It is much slower now. The Hatch type fired machine gun staccato shots in the air, landing the blows in the grey’s body. It followed up with several shots more as he landed on the ground.

The blogger got the shock of his life when suddenly his uncle grabbed the grey by the neck and administered kutsilyomycin without hesitation.

“This grey will not win in its next fight. The lungs are no longer good for slasher fighting. The lack of oxygen supply cannot sustain its desire and ability to demonstrate its former speed,” his uncle said.

His uncle related that many of his friends became poorer as their hearts overruled their minds. “They pity their wards, treated the poor chicken with drugs, rather than help themselves avoid certain defeat,” he said.

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