How to Produce a Pit Warrior

Here’s the basic difference between crossbreeding and inbreeding – crossbreeding is when we combine lines and inbreeding is when we use relatives in our breeding program.

Crossbreeding is done to produce battle fowls.

With crossbreeding, the resulting fowl is a combination of at least two bloodlines. The larger the variation in the genetic makeup of the bloodlines combined, the more “impure” the cross becomes and the higher the probability that he is a good pit warrior.

That is heterozygosity at work.

Heterozygosity is the one at work when we cross two highly inbred chickens from different bloodlines. Generally, we expect them to produce normal-sized, great fighting chickens.

This is a classic example of hybrid vigor or heterosis where the offspring is better than one or both of its parents, both in physical appearance and fighting quality.

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