Indonesia Addresses Chicken Oversupply

Indonesia’s Agriculture Ministry issued a ministerial decree to address the oversupply of chicken that drew complaints from business people about the decreasing prices of the commodity.

According to I Ketut Diarmita, the ministry’s livestock and animal health director general, the regulation reduces the supply of day old chickens (DOC).

“The breeders of parent stock broilers are required to reduce the production of DOCs by 8 percent of total production,” Diarmita said.

The ministerial decree aims to reduce the weekly production of DOCs by five million to balance supply and demand. The current production of DOCs reaches 63 million per week.

Poultry breeders will be required to send a report to the government on their production reduction progress.

“Supervision will be done by a team, whose members come from relevant officials at the provincial, regental and mayoral level,” Diarmita said.

The reduction was implemented gradually starting March 27. It will be reviewed every two weeks by the director general.

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