Keep Game Fowls Healthy with Probiotic

The increasing problem of diseases and pollution exposed chickens to stressful conditions, health-related problems and deterioration of their environmental conditions.

To help solve these issues, prevention and control of diseases must be put to practice.

One of the best ways is the immediate use of probiotics supplementation at birth because day-old chicks are susceptible to infection.

Probiotic can help keep the birds healthy and improve their quality of life despite the fluctuating weather.

It also helps maintain the normal intestinal microflora of game fowls, enhances their metabolism by increasing digestive enzyme activity and decreasing bacterial growth, improves feed intake and digestion and more importantly stimulates their immune system thus decreasing rate of mortality.

Cockfight enthusiasts are advised to use probiotic as one of their nutritional tools in controlling diseases, promoting growth and improving the quality life of birds.

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