KFC Jumps on Royal Wedding Bandwagon

Kentucky Fried Chicken made its presence felt in the biggest wedding event of the year by releasing a commemorative Royal Wedding Bucket for the royal-obsessed and the royally hungry.

Chicken played a huge part in the royal nuptial. When Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle, the two were said to be sharing a roast chicken. The fast food restaurant jumped on it.

“When we discovered Prince Harry proposed over a roast chicken, we simply had to show our support for the big occasion,” a KFC spokesperson said.

KFC created the celebratory bucket with a lavish and regal design, complete with a bespoke crest and modern KFC twist.

The bucket is embellished with a classic regal crest, proudly adorned with both British and American flags. Fifty of the limited-edition containers were reportedly available at the day of the royal wedding itself (May 19) at KFC’s Windsor branch on Dedworth road.

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