Know More About Avian Pest


Chickens can be vulnerable to respiratory disease, most especially during winter. This disease can be acquired through direct contact of mouth discharges from infected birds, airborne transmission, infected clothes from human, and shoes.

Signs of infection to young poultry are gasping, coughing, rattling of the windpipe, hoarse chirping, paralysis, walking backyard and circling. For adults, coughing and occasional paralysis, abrupt drop in egg production, soft-shelled eggs, and greenish, watery-diarrhea.

To prevent the disease, maintain clean poultry environment and high biosecurity measures. Proper prevention is needed as this disease has no treatment yet.

In case there is an outbreak of the disease, isolation of the infected birds is needed and should be quarantined. Revaccination is also recommended if titer is low. Disinfection and proper burying of dead birds is also advised.

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