Largest Chicken Breed

Top 5 Largest Breed of Chickens

1. JERSEY GIANTjersey-giant

Weight: 10 lbs.

   The Jersey breed is big, and a truly gentle giant. This ten pound bird is the least economical breed around.  If you’re looking for a sweet and loving bird that loves to be hugged and petted, this breed would be just for you. They are not great for laying eggs but the hens are strong, healthy and able to withstand difficult condition such as winter and drought.



Weight: 9 lbs.

   The origins of the Brahma breed have been in dispute for more than 150 years. They were introduced in the 19th century to both London and New York. No one knows for sure where they originated from. It is very likely that they were imported from Shanghai in China or East Indies port as there are large market there too. They have fair layers of brown, lay average sized eggs, very robust and cold hardy. They are very gentle birds and their size make them quite confrontational.


Weight: 8 1/2 lbs.

   A rare breed, the Cochin are from China Shanghai and shares similarities as the Brahma. This breed are very interesting and they resemble a large ball or fluffy feathers. The bantam version of this birds is known as a Pekin instead of a Bantam Cochin, you can certainly find them for sale under the Bantam Cochin moniker. They lay small, yellowy, brown egg, robust and cold hardy. They are calm, and easily handled.


Weight: 8 lbs.

   These are the meat birds of the poultry industry and with a solid 8 lbs. They were originated from England Cornwall. These breed often breeds with Plymouth Rocks to make the excellent birds we all love to eat. They lay poor small eggs but cold hardy and early maturing. The breed is easily contained, they are less active and more docile than most other breeds.


Weight: 8 lbs.

   A dual purpose bird, the Orpington is slightly small on the weight but definitely not on the appearance. The loose feathering makes the Orpington appear much larger (nearly two times its original size) then it is. When they are brooding or aggressive, they fluff out their feather making them real huge. The Orpington breeds lays above average sized eggs and hardy in all weather. The cold doesn’t faze them so you can expect them to continue laying during the cold seasons!

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