LGBA Helps Uplift Philippine Cockfighting (Part I)

In the next three days, we will share with you an interesting piece about one of the biggest groups of gamefowl breeders in the Philippines – the Luzon Gamecock Breeders Association, Inc. (LGBA).

It was written by the association’s president, Nicolas Makabenta Crisostomo, for the first edition of gamefowl magazine, Teksas.

Nineteen years ago, the prime movers of LGBA have envisioned a greater role in uplifting the sport that is native to the Philippines – cockfighting.

These cocking enthusiasts and the breeders are still with us with more resolve to improve and strengthen the LGBA.

During the heyday of the National Cockers Association (NCA) and the United Cockers Association of the Philippines (UCAP) in the 90s, stalwarts of these organizations were discussing the formation of a gamecock breeder organization based in Luzon. They firmly believed that Metro Manila was still the heart and soul of Philippine cockfighting.

However, the process of organizing was on and off. The ball only started rolling in 1999 when Rene “Boy’ Diaz and Dr. Gil Nicolas, Jr. sat down with  then Rep. Peping Cojuangco to discuss the formation of the LGBA while Leandro “Biboy” Enriquez was waiting in the wings.  It is interesting to note that cousins Diaz and Enriquez are two of the original organizers of the World Slasher Derby in the early 80s.

The two veteran organizers immediately contacted their friends in the NCA and the UCAP to form the nucleus of the LGBA. The late Atty. Mar Antonio, who drafted the rules of the UCAP, was also requested to make the general guidelines and similar rules for the LGBA.  Among the first to respond were Atty. Jun Mendoza, Boy Jiao, Madlambayan brothers and Rep. Larry Wacnang. A series of organizational meetings were conducted at Sulo Hotel. Other stalwarts of the NCA and UCAP also came along, namely Esting Teopaco, Capt. Ben Rodriguez, Engr. Jun Sevilla, Boyet Plaza, Patrick Puno, Gerry Escalona, Joel Fernando, Francis Lumunsad, Maj. Bobby Doromal, Bubby Rodrigado, Pete Rodriguez, Joey Lapid, Sonny Lagon, Mauro Prieto, Mike Romulo and Blandy Tolentino.

Gamecock industry players, who are also breeders, followed suit –Ricky Castillo of Lakpue and Dr. Ayong Lorenzo of Excellence Gamefowl Specialist, who became two of the avid sponsors of LGBA.

Diaz and Enriquez, who were practically doing the spadework of organizing, then suggested it was time to create an interim set of officers. Meanwhile, other breeders came to form the original batch of members in 2000-2001 with 39 stables out of 48 individual members.

The cocking industry in general has grown by leaps and bounds, especially the LGBA. In the 19 years of existence, the membership has grown from 39 stables out of 48 individual members to 286 active members to date.

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