LGBA Helps Uplift Philippine Cockfighting (Part II)

This is the continuation of our series about the Luzon Gamecock Breeders Association, Inc. (LGBA). It was written by the association’s president, Nicolas Makabenta Crisostomo, for the first edition of gamefowl magazine, Teksas.

Breeding and derby competition has become more challenging through the years. LGBA has to keep up with the demands of time.  That’s why in 17 years of Stag Breeders Circuit, nobody has ever repeated to become the Breeder of the Year – 17 years, 17 different Breeder of the Year winner.

As members of the cockfighting fraternity, LGBA and the breeders do the best they can to pursue a passion handed down through generations. In every cockfight, we remember our brothers, fathers, grandfathers and fellow aficionados, who have gone through the same path.  With every fly, a glimpse of cockfighting’s past, present and future unfolds; with every buckle, an opportunity to prove our worth; and with every shuffle, an opportunity to win.

Thus, cockfighting entertains us and excites us no end. This sport is a venue for those who dare follow their dreams, those who dare grab the opportunity.

Yes, opportunities abound in cockfighting. And LGBA is here to provide its members various opportunities to improve the quality of their fowls in an atmosphere of fairness, honesty and camaraderie.

For the past 19 years, LGBA remains to be a gathering of friends drawn by friendly competition towards the perfection of our chosen passion, that is, cockfighting.

Through the years, LGBA has provided its members several venues to test the mettle of their winged gladiators by conducting the annual stag derby circuit, the bullstag derby series, regular cock derbies, and lately, the Southerner-Northerner Encuentro. In LGBA, the members are assured that they are competing in a level playing field. These derbies, although done with modest prize moneys and minimal wagers, serve as rehearsal for greater pit performance of a member’s entry in different venues and different tournaments outside of LGBA.

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