LGBA Helps Uplift Philippine Cockfighting (Part III)

This is the continuation of our series about the Luzon Gamecock Breeders Association, Inc. (LGBA). It was written by the association’s president, Nicolas Makabenta Crisostomo, for the first edition of gamefowl magazine, Teksas.

The LGBA is building bridges. It prides itself with the fact that their members come from the cream of the crop of the cockfighting fraternity. The quality of roosters they breed, the farms they put up and the derbies they hold all attest to the kind of sportsmen in the LGBA.

Cockfighting can be a tournament that promotes friendly competition, camaraderie, honesty and fair play. It has this distinction because of its members, with non-members as witnesses in the conduct of their derbies and through the transparency in their activities.

It forged alliances with other groups and launched the 2018 Luzon Breeders Cup patterned after the A-Cup of Mindanao. Cockers from the South have opened our eyes.  Holding cockpits need not follow the usual annual cycles where the months of July and August were considered the lean months for cockfighting.

The Luzon Breeders Cup is open to all, who are willing to have their early birds banded to join the 9-stag derby slated from July to August 2018. At this very moment, 28 local gamefowl associations and 40 cockpit operators and individual promoters have pledged their support.

Members of local gamefowl associations may simply coordinate with their respective association officers in order to join the Luzon Breeders Cup.

On the other hand, freelance breeders can field entries through their local cockpit operators or derby promoters.

The Luzon Breeders Cup is an effort on the LGBA to make cockfighting an inclusive affair in Luzon. Through the Luzon Breeders Cup, the LGBA hope to open the doors of opportunity for non-LGBA members to have a taste of what fielding an entry in LGBA derbies feel like, to witness first-hand what the spirit of camaraderie and friendly competition is all about and to enjoy a thousand thrills and excitement a fair and honest derby has to offer.

The LGBA constantly weigh the particular benefits their members will derive from certain events while being aware of the fact that cockfighting as an industry is still experiencing unprecedented boom. Opening up participation for non-members in one particular event, the Luzon Breeders Cup will bring forth wider exposure for its members’ chickens and will also present formidable challenges from outside the organization. Healthy competition will further make the industry grow.

But as always, in every stage of our gamefowl’s life, LGBA will always be there – from day one to fight day. From breeding to ranging, to hardening and conditioning, LGBA will be there for its members.

It is about time that we build those bridges and connect with fellow breeders.

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