Maintaining Game Fowl Breeds (Part II)


This is the continuation of our three-part series on how to maintain game fowl breeds.

Always remember the three factors that we need to check out first – a large breeding population in which you select the outstanding fowls to perpetuate the strain, healthy condition to raise fowls and enough time and money.

Know who has some of the same fowl and, if they are good, bring their blood into your line. For example the Pitmaster breeds Redfox fowl and the Redfox fowl are being bred by Jack back in Alabama. If these two guys trust each other, they would have a lot going for each one by exchanging fowl from time to time. They have the same fowl, but because they are individuals, they will select for different traits. This practice will result in hybrid vigor also.

You don’t have to breed all your good stock every year. Most people have too many fowl to care for, it is much better to raise only what you can care for, but don’t let the unused brood fowl get away from you. You will need them later. Some years you will need to breed only battle stock, by breeding to other breeds.

Keep good records. You will need to know how all of your fowls are related. Record the fighting records of the roosters. You need to know which hens produce the most eggs and raise healthy babies as well.

To be continued…

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