Man Needs 18M Retweets to Get a Year’s Supply of Chicken Nuggets

It began with a probing tweet from Carter Wilkerson to the Twitter account of Wendy’s. Wilkerson asked how many retweets he would need to earn a free year’s supply of chicken nuggets.

Wendy’s responded with 18 million.

The current record is “only” 3.3 million retweets so it’s obviously a tall order. But with nothing to lose, Wilkerson accepted the challenge.

By the way, the most retweeted tweet is a star-studded selfie (or shall well call it groupie?) by popular TV host Ellen DeGeneres during the Oscars. It is powered by a dozen celebrities, the Oscars hype and the marketing of Samsung.

Wilkerson’s is driven by his craving. So far, he has accumulated 1.5 million retweets.

No matter what happens, Wendy’s is the clear winner here. It got a huge social media marketing boost for a relative bargain. If Wilkerson somehow reaches the magic number, his prize is only worth $395.

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