Manoy Sano: The Wing Band Collector

A cockfight enthusiast collection will always be his trophies from derby events. But what is more unique is Manoy Sano’s collection if wing bands.

Wing bands are simply a rooster’s ID. Famous breeders put wing bands to their prestigious bloodlines. But small time breeders have also a place in acquiring wing bands and fighting with famous bloodlines.

For every win, Manoy Sano will proudly own his cock opponent’s wing band. And this will be added to his collection.

Not only his wing bands but he also has two ganador cocks, which have five to six wins. Though the real game lies with the fight, he highly considers banded roosters as opportunity to acquire more for his collection. Winning from those high-quality cocks is a high morale.

His collection is a manifestation that small breeders have a place in the game and could fight others off the chart.

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  1. DAVID POLANCO says:

    I would like to buy wing bands

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