Mexico Suspends Imports of Brazilian Poultry, Meat

The Mexican government has issued an order suspending all poultry and meat imports from Brazil amid growing concerns about the quality of those products.

Mexico has been getting poultry products from Brazil before the suspension order, but it does not import Brazilian pork or beef products.

Brazilian authorities recently started cleaning the meat plants that have been closed following probe about the corruption by health inspectors and the alleged sale of rotten products. Brazil is the top beef and poultry exporter in the world.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian government said that the issue is not widespread and the federal authorities are now investigating the matter.

“While the investigation by the federal police aims to uncover isolated irregularities in the sanitary inspection system, the facts are directly related to deviations of professional conduct practiced by a few workers,” the joint police and agriculture ministry statement said. “They do not represent a widespread malfunction of the Brazilian system.”

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