New Poultry Regulations Passed in Worcester

Worcester County Commissioners have passed a poultry bill that includes limiting poultry houses per parcel and setting up buffer requirements between poultry house and adjacent property.

A public hearing with several residents and embers of the poultry industry in the county didn’t bother the commissioners to unanimously pass the bill.

The bill will increase the distance between poultry houses from 50 feet to 200 feet.

Majority of older people are happy with the development.

“We appreciate the commissioners’ willingness to come up with a reasonable plan,” says Bill Satterfield, from the Delmarva Poultry Industry.

However, some has commented that the bill didn’t tackle about the pollutants coming from the poultry houses with a suggestion of putting warm season grass between the houses.

“There is no mention of warm season grasses in that first row, and we’d like to see that warm season grasses be put in there just because it is so efficient,” says Jim Passwaters, from the Delmarve Poultry Industry.

The bill will take effect in the county on June 9, 2017.

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