No Cheating Here

A viral video on the internet has called the attention of cockfight enthusiasts. They debated whether the sentenciador of the fight has committed an act of cheating. For the cockpit arena management, there was no cheating. It even posted the video of the fight to prove its point.

Watch the video and share us your thoughts.


  1. jack Michael says:

    sometimes” the feathers in the eyes’ the birds cant see or in the nose they cant smell”’

  2. Albert says:

    I watched the video .. its a clear judgement .

  3. JSN says:

    That was a great little high comb red ….. congrats and honor to the breeder and feeder (for 365 days)

  4. joey sy says:

    fair and square

  5. romel says:

    Theres no faulplay in this game.

  6. AmericanBreeder101 says:

    Looks fair to me, rooster with comb cut lost his legs, and maybe it looks as if the handler is like tossing him down…. Just a lost of legs in my opinion.. Both good birds, High comb just loaded with heart…

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