No More Oily Fingers in KFC Japan

KFC is famous for its finger-lickin’ good slogan, which makes sense because the company’s chickens are deliciously oily and juicy.


Well, KFC Japan offers a solution to keep customers from licking their fingers literally after meal.

Introducing the Finger Nup, short for finger napkin. It is a little two-finger glove designed to protect thumb and forefinger from getting oily while holding KFC’s famous chicken.

Finger Nup is not just an ordinary napkin. Oil can penetrate regular napkin so the company tried a more oil-resistant plastic material.

It is easy to wear and take off, perfect for customers wanting to protect their manicured nails or wanting to use their gadgets immediately after meal. Customers can request for a Finger Nup while ordering at the counter.

Finger napkin can be the next hot trend in fast food industry as similar version was reportedly spotted at fast food joints in other countries like Korea.

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