Patrick Antonio: Filipino Cockfighting Legend

Patrick Antonio is a renowned cocker and widely considered an institution in the sport of cockfighting.

His resume includes six World Slasher Cup titles and multiple National Cockers Alliance (NCA) Breeder of the Year awards. He is always a contender in prestigious derbies like Candelaria, Bakbakan and NCA.

Even a prominent breeder like Biboy Enriquez admires Antonio’s works and accomplishments.

Antonio is very hands on during fights. Unlike most breeders, he prefers to release his game fowls on the cockpit. Others don’t like it for fear of getting hit by the gaff of their own game fowl.

He started making noise in cockfighting in the 1980s, winning numerous championships in local derbies. But you can make an argument that his best moments came when he’s losing.

Those unlucky stretches made Antonio strive harder for perfection, turning the local cockfighting hero into a fearsome international cockfighting figure.

As a big time breeder, Antonio has an army of top-flight game fowls to choose from. But what sets him apart from other breeders is his innate ability to pick the best game fowl to use. He also knows to get the best out of that game fowl.

Despite his credentials, Antonio remains humble and approachable. While his game fowls are flying high, Antonio keeps his feet on the ground.

Those characteristics paved the way to his entry in politics. But that is another story.

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