Perfect Timing for Everything

The Jollibee commercial craze is not yet over with the follow up to the ‘Vow’ in February, the fast food giant, famous with their chicken meals has released a new video pertaining to perfect timing for everything.

Video shows the same actors in the last series of video they released during the love month. It features a lesson that all love sorrows have their perfect timing. It may not be your year but soon you will get your own happiness.

Netizens have mix reactions regarding the video with a happy ending. Some gave praise to Jollibee that never failed to touch their hearts. Some says that there is no happy ending in this world.

Jollibee has been home of different love stories from heartbreaks to road to forever. It has also been witness to the changing time.

Yet only one thing that never has changed, their chicken that has touched everyone’s hearts.

Watch the video here:


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