Police Found 60 Roosters Possible Used for Cockfighting

A man was charged by his neighbors after he shot and killed a stray dog, who he said killed his chickens.

The neighbors supported the information that the 52 year old man named Billy Cobb was responsible for the incident.

Police charged him with animal cruelty.

“He had followed the dog home and shot it, which is a violation so we charged him with animal cruelty for shooting the dog who wasn’t actively attacking livestock,” Sheriff Danny Cryer said.

The police then issued a search warrant to the Oklahoma home. This time, they discovered more paraphernalia.

It includes more than 60 roosters, knives, syringes, and drugs. Police suspects that the man is into cockfighting, which is considered as felony in the state.

“After speaking with Mr. Cobb he did admit that he was raising the chickens for fighting – he did fight them but very rarely,” Sheriff Cryer said.

The court will have to decide on what to do with the roosters with police confiscating only the paraphernalia.

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  1. Geronimo says:

    Did they catch him fighting the roosters?Seems like same situation as the dog wasn’t currently killing his chickens. And what gave them probable cause to search his home?Because he had game chickens?Your allowed to own them last I checked..

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