Poultry Deaths Reported in Nueva Ecija

Nueva Ecija is the next province to report poultry deaths but it is still not yet confirmed if it was caused by the avian influenza virus H5 that affected Pampanga.

Laboratory results are to be released on Friday (August 25) or Saturday.

“I am confirming there are reported cases of poultry deaths in Jaen and San Isidro, Nueva Ecija but we are still waiting for laboratory test results if it was due to bird flu,” Piñol said.

To quarantine the area, the government has implemented quarantine measures with the help of soldiers.

The government has so far culled 600,000 in Pampanga to contain the virus.

Avian influenza type H5 is considered not transmittable to humans from infected poultry. Proper cooking is advised to assure bird flu free meat.

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